Is there any prayer he cannot answer or any situation he cannot alter?

Had a bit of a wake-up call today, my partner was told that her company could either pay the suppliers or pay the staff so pay will be delayed this month.  OK so jolt to the stomach when I read the text and then it was a pause, hand to God moment.  I have been praying a lot for her to come to know God, I was praying just last night that the timing of an upcoming Alpha course would be perfect so I have to believe and trust God that this is all part of his amazing plan for her life.

A few minutes before I received the text I had just made a note of this verse Genesis 18:14 – Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Just how many ways can I interpret that right now!  Nothing is too hard for God and that’s awesome.  I often say to God I don’t know how you are going to get her to believe in you but you know that’s not my issue, God’s in control and this is all part of his master plan.

So, thank you God for answering prayer, I really don’t understand what you are doing right now but I rejoice that one day I will.


Is anything too hard for God?  Is there anything he cannot change, cannot make new, is there any prayer he cannot answer or any situation he cannot alter?  I will not falter in my answer, nothing is too hard for God, for him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, he is King of Kings, he is Lord of Lords, he is true to his word, he keeps his covenant of love and he’s working harder that we will ever know, battling for the lives of our loved ones, battling to protect us from the foe, the enemy who seeks to kill, steal, destroy, yet with God there’s an indescribable joy, even as the world seems to crumble around me I can see that he is holding me, in control, my God is in control, the same God who created the Universe, disperses my worry, my concern handed to him the mighty conqueror who saved this wanderer from squandering the life he gave to her, you saved me God and that’s hard to comprehend but all the same I see that if you can save me then you can save anyone, no one too far gone, no one can be separated from your love, Father God in heaven above I hand you this situation and praise you that you’re unconstrained in showing your love and compassion especially as the world comes crashing down around me, still there you are in the heart of things, nothing but nothing impossible for you my God who is unstoppable.


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