We shouldn’t be dumbing down the word of the Lord

I saw a great quote yesterday, “It’s not about how Christian you look from the outside it’s about your personal relationship with God.  Wow how true, really spoke to me and I’ve been thinking some more about it today.  It kind of speaks to me of another quote, “you may be the only Bible your friends ever read”.  So that really shows that it is so much about my behaviour, my changed attitudes, my showing the fruits of the Spirit in my daily life more than just telling others that I’m a Christian.  And as I develop my relationship with God I can really see and feel how I am changing.

1 John 4:4 – You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.


It’s not about how Christian you look from the outside, man you can look all pious and good and have a heart of wood, so save your Sunday best for your day of rest but don’t try and mess with God cos he knows your heart, he knows what’s going on inside of you and being a Christian ain’t just what you do, it’s personal, personal between you and God, it’s special, exclusive and this love ain’t elusive it’s free to all who call on God, it’s not so hard to be part of God’s amazing plan we’ve all been lost so many ways, every day a personal battle striving for survival, let’s face it the world’s in trouble and we ain’t gonna make it on our own, I’m telling you I’m weak but God gives me the strength to speak out, he’s working in me for my good, and here’s food for thought, greater is he that is in me than he who is in the world, I’m still not all I should be but I’m working through it focusing my energies on forgetting the past and looking forward to what is ahead so I feel it’s got to be said… are you right with God?  It’s hard and I’m not being judgemental but you see I feel it is mental that so many people claim to know him then turn around and continue to sin, ignoring him, ignoring my God and my King, putting their own spin on his word, haven’t you heard, the end times are coming and we shouldn’t be dumbing down the word of the Lord, I’m drawing my sword and speaking from my heart cos I want no-one to be apart from my incredible Saviour but unless you adjust your behaviour you could be in danger of being sucked in by false teachers and preachers, think of sin as an attack by the enemy who comes to steal, kill, destroy, there will be no joy when Jesus returns for those who have turned their backs now, and I for one vow to work tirelessly to bring others to victory, Jesus never said it would be easy to pick up your cross and follow him, let’s be honest sinning is easier, the wide road is attractive but don’t be distracted cos the blessings that God gives will mess with your head, he is the greatest and I don’t make that statement lightly, it’s precisely because the Lord God Almighty cares for me that I urge you to take this seriously, pursue the truth vigorously and God will not fail you, I guarantee.


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