Take all desires that are not pure and kick their butts right out the door

My daily reading today is from Mark 7 and again underlines to me how important it is for our hearts to be right with God.  God looks at the inside of us, not the outside.  He sees our hearts, he knows our thoughts and our intentions.  I love that, because only then can the Holy Spirit work with us to put things right once we are convicted of our sins.

I also really like the references in Mark 7 to food not being able to make you unclean, contradicting the laws that the Pharisees still stuck to.  I know that today some people still use parts of Leviticus which relate to not eating certain foods (shellfish is often quoted) to mock God’s laws on homosexuality saying that the Bible clearly isn’t relevant in today’s world.  Well here it is, Jesus himself is telling us that nothing we eat can cause us to be unclean but clearly says that it is what comes from within us that makes us unclean, including a specific reference to sexual sins.

1 Samuel 16:7 – But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’

Mark 7:20-23 – He went on to say, “What comes out of people makes them ‘unclean.’ Evil thoughts come from the inside, from people’s hearts. So do sexual sins, stealing and murder. Adultery, greed, hate and cheating come from people’s hearts too. So do desires that are not pure, and wanting what belongs to others. And so do telling lies about others and being proud and being foolish. All those evil things come from inside a person. They make him ‘unclean.’ ” 


God looks on my heart as I look on faces, he traces every line, he sees me in the truest light and he seeks to put me right, he knows my heart, he knows my thoughts and after all I love the Lord so I open up the door and ask him in, convict me of each and every sin, work in me, set me free again, create in me a new heart, renew my Spirit, help me see what you see, a Princess dreamed up in your heart and placed in this world for a purpose, your daughter who is more than worth it, take the great big God dreams of my heart and set them apart for your glory, may my story be that I served tirelessly, I gave enthusiastically and I loved unconditionally, take my pride and foolishness replace it with humility and righteousness, take all desires that are not pure and kick their butts right out the door, may I carry a heart that never hates, a heart on fire for you, cleanse me of anything that causes you sadness and fill me with an incredible gladness.


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