God’s amazing creativity made me unique

I have doubtless blogged about Psalm 139 on a number of occasions but it does have to be my favourite Psalm and I was reminded of it again this morning.  How can you fail to be in awe of God’s amazing planning and his watch over our lives?


You have searched me and you know me, I am like an open book, no page unturned, you are concerned with every part of me, you understand my thoughts, my ways, I cannot hide from you cos with you the night shines bright as day, darkness and light are the same, you’ve gone before me yet you follow me, you stay close, even in the darkness as I sleep you are there and when I wake you are still with me, so see here’s the thing, if there’s anything that I have done that causes offence, any behaviour that offends you my Saviour show me so I can get on my knees and be led to salvation, lead me to your way everlasting and as I see you casting aside all my sin and shame I will be praising you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, how cool to stand here and say that God made every tiny part of me and knit me together in the womb of my Mother, he saw the world needed one of me, God’s amazing creativity made me unique, all the stages of my life spread out before him, prepared before I was born, if I moved to the farthest ocean I would still be chosen, still protected and guided, your strength would surround me, your thoughts towards me still countless and doubtless I need to learn this one thing, life’s not about finding myself it’s about discovering who God created me to be, all the days ordained for me written in God’s book, my worth not found or earned, my worth is in who God created me to be, priceless to God I see that calling myself worthless defies God’s plans for me, I am perfectly made and I embrace God’s grace thanking him for invading my space with love, forgiveness and mercy, for choosing to walk with me on my life’s journey.


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