I am alive for God and a thorn in the side of the devil’s flesh

Jesus walked on the water and the disciples were afraid.  Yet I hadn’t realised until today that this was spoken about in the Old Testament, our God is unstoppable, he can do all things including walking on water just proving to us how amazing he is.  Once we are saved we can tap into this power, tap into the miracles that Jesus performed on earth and be mighty in our witness for him.  I so want to praise God for this and for the ability to reject the Devil and all his schemes, to stand tall with my awesome God who can always be trusted to do unexpected and amazing things in unexpected and amazing ways.

  • Job 9:8 – He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea
  • Psalm 77:19 – Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.


My God appears in unexpected places in unexpected ways, my God takes the storm and calms it with one word, nothing impossible for God who loves us, Lord of Creation to you be all praise, I look to you, I take courage, no longer afraid, you lead me in the paths of righteousness, that’s me doing good right, spreading God’s light, I wake up in the morning and the devil turns to see, like he thought he’d killed me off long ago, but not so, my God has revived me, my God reached out and saved me and now I am alive for God and a thorn in the side of the devil’s flesh, I will not rest until I am heard, I will not falter or alter the course that God has chosen for me to follow so Satan now your words are hollow, you cannot lie to me, deceive me, taunt or tempt me, cos you see I have Jesus and I have truth and love, forgiveness from my loving God, I have strength and courage, I am new, rebuilt and refurbished and I will not be discouraged for my God is with me wherever I go, he’s gone before, he falls behind, hems me in, you see I have a God who lives in me, delights in me, my God delights in me, nothing to see here, nothing you can do to change me now cos somehow God still loved me despite my life, my history and God reached out to me, check that out, he reached out to me, see I am unique, I am chosen, you Satan are frozen out of my life, that’s what God’s ultimate sacrifice bought for me, freedom from your chains of slavery, look at me, loved, redeemed, full of joy, totally and emphatically free.


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