Clothed with Splendour and Majesty by the Saviour of humanity

One of my favourite Bible verses is Proverbs 31:25 – She is clothed with strength and dignity, she laughs without fear at the future.  I was looking at other references in the Bible yesterday to “being clothed” and the positives were amazing:

  • You Clothe me with Joy
  • Clothed with Salvation
  • Clothed with Gladness
  • Clothed with Majesty
  • Clothed with Righteousness
  • Clothed with Power from on High
  • Clothed with Christ
  • Clothed with our Heavenly Dwelling
  • Clothed with Splendour


Those who fear the Lord lack nothing, do not be afraid cos you have been made special, you are clothed in righteousness, goodness and respectability, you are part of God’s Nobility, clothed with salvation, a member of his heavenly nation and that fills me with joy and gladness, clothed with Splendour and Majesty by the Saviour of humanity, he has filled you with power from on high, supplied with a new Spirit that fills and renews us there are no limits to our capability now we are clothed with strength and dignity.


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