God we are blessed and favoured that we have a God who never gave up on us

I was really honoured to be able to give the prayer of praise and thanksgiving in church this morning and did this in my own style!  Really enjoyed writing this one as it was a chance to give God the glory and thank him for how amazing he is.

Praise God

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise him, let our praises show, cos let’s face it we already know what a wondrous God we serve, God you are awesome, formidable, heart stirring, life changing from the moment you first came into our lives, you provide breath taking love, ferocious protection, mind blowing forgiveness, God may your name be exalted, you cannot be faulted, you never alter, how cool is that, you never change

You remain constant, steadfast, dependable, your love for us is durable so let me spell this out in words of one syllable, our God is love, and that knowledge is enough for us, we are loved and we are free and we see that you chose each of us individually and for that we give thanksgiving and praise, we extol your name, God we are blessed and we are favoured that we have a God who never gave up on us a God who cannot be exaggerated cos you are the greatest, King of Kings, Ruler of all the nations, of whom or what shall we fear or dread, and God if you are for us who can be against us, we rejoice that one day at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, every tongue confess you King of Glory,

Thank you that your blessings are upon us and I punctuate that thanks with Hallelujahs, praise to the Lord, praise to the King, we are transformed by your splendour and we shall enter your gates with thanksgiving in our hearts and we shall enter your courts with praise, raising our arms up high to the Lord who hears our cry, you alone are worthy of our praise and all our days belong to you Jesus.

Whatever our history, whatever battle we are fighting, you are there, lighting our walk, waiting to listen when we’re ready to talk, you love us, you ache for us to see that your love is real, it never stops, never fails, check out his hands for the marks of the nails, that’s what we mean to Jesus

May our hearts never stay silent, Father brighten our day as we sing praises to you our God and our King and OK so there’s just one more thing. Thank you for answered prayer, thank you that when we pray, you listen, you give us your undivided attention proving yet again that our God is great, compassionate and able, capable of miraculous healing and merciful feelings, through your great power you shower us with blessings, messing with human understanding, commanding that your will be done, proving your love all over again

May we never cease to believe that with you on our side we can take life in our stride, take pride in your power and glory, boast of your magnificent story, cos our God saved us and that feels good, our God loves us and that should make people stand up and take notice, with you God no situation is hopeless, you light up the world in which we live and we give you the glory, lift our voices in praise, we thank you for your great gift of love and eternally worship your name.


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