Maybe we should do something that scares us every day

Was reading the story of Philip in Acts 8 today and how he was led by God and the Holy Spirit to totally change course in order that he could minister to one man.  Now we don’t really know the impact that he had on the world through following God’s voice, we do know that the man was baptised by Philip but we can only guess at the impact he had on his community when he returned home.  So we may never know the impact we have on the lives of those God calls us to talk to but we do know we need to listen for God’s voice, the prompting of the Holy Spirit and do what he asks us to do.


Go, go now, that’s right, follow that road that’s where I want you today. Say what, but I thought you wanted me here and now you want me there, to share your word with her?When God talks we listen, give him your undivided attention, not to mention obey him when he talks, this walk is God’s not ours, do not lower your expectations, ride on the crest of the wave to help others be saved, God lights up your path, don’t switch off the light, he directs us, right place, right time, that’s not by chance, take a stance for God, it’s not so hard, listen to his whisper and you’ll find it couldn’t be clearer, draw nearer to God and he draws close to you, telling you what he wants you to do, it may seem scary but maybe we should do something that scares us every day if we are to say we did it God, we served the Lord, answered your call, and you know what, we didn’t fall.


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