A fearless testifier of his desire to save all nations

I read some wise words this morning that spoke to me:

“We need to know and understand the people we want to witness to, in order to be sensitive and appropriate to their world view and needs”

I think this is so true.  In many ways we can and should be a witness to anyone we meet however are we more effective when we witness to people we empathise with or we understand better?  Are we more effective when witnessing to friends and family or work colleagues than to strangers?  And are we called to witness to people who have a similar background to us, maybe we knew them before we became Christians or maybe it’s a “group” that we relate to, so for me it feels like one group I relate well to is “Prodigals” those who grew up in Christian homes then turned away from God.

Sometimes (quite often!) we need to be bold when witnessing and often we can be fearful of the reaction we will get and how we may answer questions or criticism.  But the Bible makes it clear we should not worry because God himself will give you words and wisdom than none of your enemies can resist or contradict. How awesome is this verse?

Luke 21:13 – 15 – And so you will bear testimony to me. But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves.  For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.


Do not worry, don’t be anxious about how to handle reactions you think will be fractious, make up your mind to only find good in your witness, accept your fitness to serve God as a fearless testifier of his desire to save all nations, approach your task with elation, joy overflowing cos you are showing others what love looks like, striking at the heart of the matter so maintain your swagger you are the child of a King, stirring up passion so that others can cash in on God’s amazing gifts, lifting up God’s name, increasing his fame, igniting flames of power and glory, sharing your story, your testimony a light in the darkness breaking through to burdened hearts, reaching parts that others cannot reach, breaching the barriers as carriers of God’s great message, a vessel for God who will give you the words and the wisdom that can never ever be contradicted.


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