In reality God’s already fixing the issues

Even before I open my mouth in prayer God has heard me.  Even before I ask he is answering my prayers.

Isaiah 65:24: – Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.

I think for me this verse is the reason why I should pray.  Yes God has already set the ball rolling in answering our prayers because he knows we are going to pray, he has put the desire and the will in us to want to get involved, to intercede and he sees how we are changing as we grow in our walk with him.  God sees that we long to reflect him more, we long for change, long for God’s will to be done and that’s why we should pray even more.  I feel like when I pray I really connect with God and that’s how I will become more like him, more “holy” if you like, and when my prayers are fervent am I not reflecting God’s love for each and every situation and walking hand in hand with him?


God’s reminder for us, before you even call out his name he will answer and while you are still engaging in prayer he has heard your words, he knows, and shows compassion in listening when in reality he’s already fixing the issues, resolving the problems, providing solutions, we call, he answers, our transformation begins in his presence, in essence we need to spend time on our knees to become connected to our resurrected Saviour, changing habits and behaviours so prayer becomes multi-layered, fervent cries of a loyal servant connecting with their Lord and Master, so pray in confidence knowing that God hears every word and is already in action, reacting to our interaction with love and compassion.


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