You have great plans up your sleeve reserved for me

How frustrating it is not to know exactly what God’s plans are for my life?  Not sure if others feel the same but sometimes I feel I know the way and then something else happens and I’m like, “OK God so what does that mean?”.  However I can hold on to God’s word and believe passionately that all things are planned and work together for good.

John 13:7 – Jesus replied, ‘You do not realise now what I am doing, but later you will understand.


Hey God, what’s up, like I just got my head around my plans and you moved the goalposts, showed me another way so today I’m kind of left scratching my head, do I go right or do I go left, or do I just get down on my knees and listen to what you have for me, so here’s the thing, I’m gonna sing your praises anyway, worship your name night and day, cos you are great and your plans are perfect and I know that you think that I am worth it, I know whatever you have in store is more than I can imagine, a life of simply amazing love, a peaceful heart, calm surrounding me, you know the plans you have for me and in reality what more do I need to know except that you loved me so much your son died on the cross for me, you love me so much you rescued me from my sin and I don’t think for a single minute that you did that for no reason, I see now that you believed in me to pick up my cross and follow you, you renewed me, you set me free and I believe you have great plans up your sleeve reserved especially for me.


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