Shout for joy, jump up and down and make some sounds

My online reading today concentrated on Psalm 66 – and I just loved it!  So much to thank God for today, another day for me of edification, of God revealing just a bit more of his path for me through other people and a day of me starting to feel a bit more secure that this is where God wants me right here, right now.

Psalm 66: 1-2 – Shout for joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious.

Just had to put my spin on this Psalm!

PSALM 66 My Way!

Shout for joy, jump up and down and make some sounds, sing the glory of God’s name as we tell the world how awesome you are, all that you do is great and powerful, your enemies bow down before you, cringing and whinging at the sound of your name, and we take great joy in saying, “come and see, come and see what God has done”, his awesome deeds for all mankind, like turning the red sea into dry land, his hand halting the waves and stopping the tides as he guided his chosen people home, rejoice because we know he will rule for ever by his power, every hour he watches over the nations, not one rebellion will be successful against him, all people who live on earth will one day praise the Lord and it will be so loud it will be heard across the universe, God’s preserved our lives, saved us from lies, kept our feet from stumbling and falling, he called us, tested our resolve and we are refined like silver and gold, we endured oppression, persecution, imprisonment yet he’s now brought us to a place of abundance and we will come before him with our sacrifices, all that we have, all our gifts laid at his feet, we draw near to you God with respect and regard, we’ll no longer find it hard to speak of all you’ve done for us, you see even in the lowest place when we called out to you in praise your grace shone through, you listened to all that we’d gone through, you heard our prayer, praise God, you listened, you gave us your undivided attention, rejection was never an option, you listened, you answered, you heard and you never lost your nerve, you never withheld your love from us, praise to you God for your immeasurable love.


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