Forgiveness the goal, God’s peace the outcome.

Mark 5:34 – He said to her, “Dear woman, your faith has healed you. Go in peace. You are free from your suffering.” 

Jesus knows as soon as we reach out to him, he knows our needs, our desires, our hurts and he wants us to reach out to him.  We were talking about forgiveness at our group last night and how difficult that can be at times, but that’s because we try to do it in our own strength.  God wants to help us, to give us the grace to forgive and all we need do is ask for his help.  I’m not saying it’s instantaneous but I know in my case when I asked him to help me find forgiveness he opened the door and over a period of time I was able to learn how to forgive, to pray for the person who had wronged me and ultimately for me to change my attitude towards them to one of love and acceptance.  God wants us to receive his healing and sometimes it takes us to forgive to fully receive from him.


Your faith has healed you, when you reached out I felt you, I felt your needs, the hurts that have drained you of life, the thoughts that confuse your mind, the shame of old actions, your reaction to the past, but at last you took the chance to put this all behind you, forgive others as I forgive you, your faith has healed you and as you hand this to me I take it gladly, for I am madly, deeply in love with you, I created you, I chose you and you will never know how much I wanted you to see that just a word to me and you would be free, just one step of faith opened the floodgates to peace and joy everlasting, asking for my grace you showed your faith for you know that my love is eternal, my forgiveness surpasses all that you require, this is your moment to shine, you are mine, anointed and free, time for you to see what it means to give all the hurts to me and claim victory in the name of Jesus who releases us from our burden of shame, with God life will never be the same, more love, more peace, more joy, more freedom, forgiveness the goal, God’s peace the outcome.


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