May my faith increase at every juncture

My daily reading today from Joshua 23 highlighted 4 key things that we need to do to continue in our walk with Jesus, so we continue to grow stronger in our faith and enable us to stand firm when under attack

  1. Don’t ever forget what God has done for you and let that fuel your faith for what he will do in your future.
  2. Never compromise or weaken your obedience to God’s Word, as we get knocked and tempted in this human existence we must be careful to not turn back from our choices and beliefs which have been fuelled by our obedience to God
  3. Don’t only obey God, but love him with an intensity beyond all other things in our lives
  4. It’s not about personal performance and success, our success has been given by God and let’s make sure we give him all the glory.


God, let me never be so presumptuous that I forget that it was your love for us that set me free, may I never fail to see that my gifts are exactly that, gifts entrusted to me to be used for your glory, and when I look back at my story may I never forget the love you showed to me, the grace that set me free, believing that all you accomplished in me is just a fraction of what we’re going to see when you launch me into a ministry, and God when all around me feels like a battle field may I never feel tempted to turn back on your word, from all that I’ve heard from my time with you, may I remain steadfast in my obedience never deviating from my beliefs, rather that my faith will increase at every juncture, sure in my love of your word, solid in my love for you above everything else that I choose to do in my life, God I sacrifice all that for a friendship with you, to you be all power, all glory, all praise, I will serve and love you for all of my days.


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