Satan strikes, distorting the truth, telling a lie

Was taking a session last night based on the “Fervent” book and the topic was our “Identity”.  So was great for me to spend time planning it cos it really highlighted to me the myriad of ways that the enemy seeks to define me, yet for every negative he speaks over me there is more than one positive verse in the Bible telling me the truth.  And it’s the truth we have to listen to, God is truth, God is love and in God we have our true identity.

Ephesians 6:14 – Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled round your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place


Satan strikes, distorting the truth, telling a lie, causing self-hatred but hang on, I was born for greatness, chosen while I was still formless, created by Jesus, loved and adopted into God’s family, daughter of his Majesty, redeemed and forgiven by the risen Lord, so Satan just let me get my sword, God’s word which tells me all I need to know, wherever I go, God has already gone before me, sealed with his Spirit, filled with wisdom no longer a victim to your deceit and lies, I fly in the face of adversity, strengthened by my God who raises me up to his heavenly places, his Grace is sufficient for me and in my weakness he sustains me, my brain is protected, your words are buffeted against my helmet of salvation, so no more negatives, only positives, I am auditing my identity, preparing my weaponry, the enemy is helpless to change my destiny, for I am free and I am favoured, no longer in danger of mistaken identity, I am God’s kid and that’s enough for me.





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