Jesus running through my veins

I believe that the more I absorb myself in God and his word the more God centred I will be and then the enemy has no chance of getting anywhere near my thoughts and emotions.

Matthew 6:33  – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.


Here’s what I want (and I make no apology for being so free in asking for me) I want to be God centred, filled from the inside out with the love of God, filled with his Spirit, living it out, Jesus reigning in me, Jesus running through my veins, I want to make Jesus the obsession of my heart, never apart, never separated from the love he gives us, I want to be so busy with God that I forget all my fears, no time for regrets as God gets all of my time and attention, best defence against the enemy a heart full of fire, a desire for God to be at the heart of my every decision, my vision is Jesus living in me, meeting all my needs, building my confidence so I no longer long for attention from the world, understanding my worth is from Jesus, taking him serious, oblivious to the lies of the enemy because God and his word fill me.


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