Don’t look through the eyes of those who don’t value you

Been looking at our identity in Christ for a session I am taking in a couple of weeks and realised that it is so easy to allow others to affect who we think we are, sometimes it just takes a stray comment to dent us or even the unsaid word which makes us overthink what others think about us.  So here’s the news (and read Ephesians 1 if you need more evidence), God loves us and our identity is in him, we are forgiven, adopted, loved and raised up with God, who cares what the world says about us, with Jesus on our side we don’t need human affirmation.


Don’t let your struggles become your identity, one conversation, one text message, one phone call, one bad day at the office, don’t look through the eyes of those who don’t value you, “sorry I’m not good enough, I tried to be”, stop loving your problems, fearing recovery, too often our identity is based on the wrong things, we hate our imperfections, compare ourselves to others, I’m a victim of circumstances, always messing up, too scared to let go, no good unless I prove it, in competition with the world, it’s complicated, I have a past, I have history, I’ve made mistakes, took wrong steps, compromised…… stop torturing yourself, that’s just the lies of the enemy strategically told to disable you, prevent you from realising all God has for you, your identity was defined when God met you, God divinely pieced you back together again, he reigns in you, your identity is in Christ, it’s time to make him the centre of your life.



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