In weakness I said I didn’t know you

When I was out walking yesterday afternoon I was listening to some worship music and it really got my mind thinking about the concept of Jesus as a friend.  That then led to me thinking about how I would feel if a friend of mine was snatched from under my nose by the authorities, condemned to death and that death was a public execution. It kind of puts a different slant on what Jesus did for us, it made me see it from a different angle and I cannot begin to imagine the hurt and the pain of his family and friends who witnessed his death.

Wrote this from Peter’s perspective..


Best friend taken from before my eyes, soldiers came with weapons drawn, manhandled you through the crowd, it was all so loud, so quick, so sudden and I didn’t stop to think of heaven and what this arrest meant to all mankind, I was frightened, this was my teacher, my friend and I couldn’t mend this, I couldn’t stop the rot of humanity stealing my best friend from me, and my heart bleeds as I think of the pain they inflicted, the mocking, the laughing, how they goaded you, but you remained true to your Father in heaven, you never raised a hand in self-defence, you accepted their violence as part of the package of my salvation, we family and friends had to watch in frustration as the soldiers made their preparations, as you walked with the cross your hands were shackled but you could have tackled them there, made your escape, it wasn’t too late, but you knew if you did it would be too late for me, I could never be free if you didn’t see it through, you knew and my pain comes in knowing that you were going to die a death that would hurt, you would hang in the heat of the midday sun, your body ravaged, savaged by those who worked for the enemy, who thought this was the way to change our destiny, but their expectancy was flawed, this was the door to eternity, God’s son a living sacrifice bringing life back to me, it is finished you cried and as I cried and hid my face I was not aware of the grace that God poured out on me in that moment, I was frozen in sadness, shame and regret, I had let them take you, denied you, three times I had denied our friendship, I thought we were joined at the hip and then in weakness I said I didn’t know you, but even that didn’t throw you, you knew, you’d told me before but I was too stubborn to believe your words, words that ring now in my head, rang loud and true now you were dead.  But it wasn’t finished for I witnessed the miracle for myself, Jesus come back to life, Jesus returned from the grave, you came to save us, you came for freedom, so all could enter your heavenly Kingdom and your love overpowered, you forgave me my weakness, overlooked my failings, and I am hailing you as my friend and my King, I shared in your suffering not realising I was witnessing my God and King dying so that I could live, how can I not give my life back to you, how can I not do whatever you ask me to do?


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