Next time you’re feeling empty, take it to church

Well what can I say, bad week and went to church feeling under attack, feeling low and then Jesus blew the roof off my feelings AMEN.  What an awesome service a great word on Pentecost, some uplifting worship songs, personal prayer for my own concerns and a palpable presence of the Holy Spirit.  I just came home and felt I wanted to write and praise God, to bring him the glory for changing my life for the better and for constantly reminding me that HE IS LOVE..


Take me to church, oh yes, take me to church, this world needs Jesus, there’s not enough love, not enough caring, people aren’t sharing, they’re too busy considering themselves, take me to church and let me feel the love of God, let it fill me to capacity, let me grasp God’s hand and be fearless, let nothing defeat me, my God, champion to the weak a hero to the defenceless, relentless love, uncompromising grace, Jesus I could gaze upon your face for all eternity, raise my arms and worship forever, never feeling weak because of your power, a power that surges through my soul, flicks the switch to make me whole,  in you oh Father I trust, I shut my mind to the enemy, he can never weaken me, defeated, humiliated, he is no threat to me, recklessly I jump into the pit of snakes because my God has not forsaken me, he rescued me, he shields me, the enemy can no longer stand up to me for fear is gone, defeated, obsolete, I am complete and I have accomplished what God destined for me, to be a child, an heir, a co-heir with Christ, light of the world, light of my life, Jesus sacrificed for me, curtain torn in two and now as I boldly approach my Father he is never far from me, nothing can separate me from his love, not angels nor demons, so I let go of my situation and let God take control for holding on can do more damage than letting go, pray about it then let go, you know it makes sense, just do it, be the change you want to see, let Jesus define your destiny, and next time you’re feeling empty, take it to church just take it to church.


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