Who else provides shelter 24/7?

I was talking to God yesterday about a lot of my past and the thoughts that surround it and I felt him direct me to Psalm 71.  So now after a lot of underlining and notes in my Bible I have put my own twist on part of it.  One verse stood out to me in the NASB version

Psalm 71:7 – I have become a marvel to many, for You are my strong refuge.

I kind of read that as a positive affirmation of me and my testimony, through God’s strength and power at work in me my life can be a sign of his grace and his mercy and for that I am so happy.


Oh God who else is like you, who else provides shelter 24/7, who else offers me a taste of heaven here on earth, who else shows me my worth and although I have had many troubles you were there to restore me, pick me up, dust me down, increase my confidence and comfort me and my hope is continually in you, you have taught me well and my heart swells with pride that I can testify to generations to come the power of God and his only son, I want to declare and proclaim your power to every nation, your mighty acts to those who are to come, my God a powerhouse of strength and love, so Father God I ask that I may never be put to shame, as I call out your name turn your ear to me, hear me and as I shout for joy and praise raise me up to a higher plain, my hope continuous and my blessings immense, and I have become a marvel to many because of your power at work within me, my life declares your wondrous deeds and all that you have done for me, I have hope, I will walk in your strength forever, you are my God, my love, my pleasure.



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