Trust God that when I open my mouth he speaks

So have been reading this amazing book by Robby Dawkins – “Do what Jesus did” and have come away inspired to take more “risks” for Jesus.  You know I just have to ask myself what’s the worst thing that can happen if I offer to pray for someone??  What’s the worst thing that can happen if I tell someone about my testimony, my faith or my God?

We are so blessed and we have amazing news to share, Jesus has taken away our sins, we no longer need to live lives of hurt, shame, or regret, “it is finished”.

Hebrews 9: 27-28 – People have to die once. After that, God will judge them.  In the same way, Christ was offered up once. He took away the sins of many people. He will also come a second time. At that time he will not suffer for sin. Instead, he will come to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him. 


Once and for all it was finished, his dying breath brought life, and I want to see a generation waking up, getting close up and personal with the Lord, fighting for freedom and justice, looking after the world which God entrusted to us, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, not made fearful and wondering, so why am I squandering chances that God gives me to make advances for his Kingdom, we die only once to face our judgement and I want to stand there having played my part, imparted God’s gifts to those who I meet, I am not defeated I am ready to take a risk, to stand out in the crowd, to bring healing to the broken, good news to the lost, no matter the cost, I remember that I was lost but God found me, used others to gently help me see that God is love and God gives freedom, he wants to share his Kingdom with all humanity if only I would seize each and every opportunity God gives to me how many more would come to see that Jesus really died to set them free?  When Jesus died my life began and I can feel the power within me, I need to harness the power allow it freedom, trust in my God in every season to deliver true healing to all who I meet, trust him that when I open my mouth he speaks, his words flow so that others will know he wants to meet with them too, he wants a relationship to get up close and personal, his promises irreversible he is merciful, his love is terminal and it’s remarkable that I am an original sinner but in God’s eyes he only sees winner, so here I am sinner turned winner ready to serve the Lord with all my heart mind and soul, ready to put myself out there and let God take control.



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