I run to you in times of trouble

Love Sunday Psalms (my daily reading is always a Psalm on Sundays) and today we were looking at Psalm 59.  The commentary on this was interesting as in “consider this Psalm from the viewpoint of someone living in a land where Christians are persecuted” and it made it so much more real.  In the UK it is relatively safe to be a Christian, we are not persecuted but so many of God’s children have a much different experience.  Praise God that he is our strength whatever we are going through


God is my strength when I am weary, my safe place when I am insecure, my stronghold, my safety net, he is the Lord my God and he gives me his strength.  I come before you God with thanksgiving in my heart, I shout joyfully with Psalms, for the Lord my God holds me in the palms of his hands, I sing of your strength, I celebrate your love, I run to you in times of trouble, humble myself before your throne knowing I am never alone, knowing you’ve walked with me throughout my earthly history, knowing that you’ve already gained the victory, knowing that nothing happens by my strength but yours oh Lord, nothing is achieved by my power yet you have empowered me to claim victory over the enemy, on earth as in heaven you have given me power and authority, you are my strength, my place of safety, you took my frailty and prepared me to face the enemy


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