Walk through the valley

Yes Jesus Loves You…. Words that didn’t really hit home this morning after a heated discussion with my partner who is not interested in God, “he doesn’t love me, I’m gay, I don’t want to know him”.  To put it mildly I was so upset, have been praying for some time now that she will come to know Jesus and as I walked to the station tears rolling down my face I just said God how are you going to do this she is not interested, she won’t change.

But our God is a God of love, of patience and of kindness, our God longs for us all to come to know him so after some time of praying and praising our awesome God I kind of felt better and started to rebuke the enemy – you are not having her, God is in control and God has a plan, and he has, just because I can’t see the way doesn’t mean there isn’t one, I will keep praying and praising and on the day she gives her life to God I know that all the angels in heaven will be praising with me.


As I walk through the valley I strain to see the beauty all around me, the mountains loom high and wide and freedom inhabits the other side.

As I walk through the valley I ask Jesus to join me, to walk the path alongside me, he comforts me, guides me, makes molehills out of mountains, flattens the path and I see that victory resides on the other side.

As I walk through the valley I feel God’s love surround me and suddenly the beauty engulfs me, my eyes are opened as I grasp the reality that Jesus my saviour is with me constantly.

As I walk through the valley I say to the enemy, there’s nothing you can say or do to dent me, I belong to God and I am redeemed, I belong to God and I am complete.

As I walk through the valley the path becomes clearer, I look at my surroundings and I feel my God nearer.



  1. I love your posts, they are so inspiring. Your love for God is so real in your posts. Since you are frank about your past, why are you still with your partner? I am not criticizing just trying to understand. I assume you no longer practice that lifestyle but maybe still live with the person. Of course she needs salvation like all of us and we are all sinners who will perish without God’s salvation in Christ. May God continue to bless you, I was just a little taken back hoping there is no intimate relationship with your partner at this point.


    • Yes still live together but working on a friendship which she is finding challenging. I have turned my back on that lifestyle so there is no intimacy but an incredible friendship of 17 years which we can build a new life on. I strongly believe she will come to know Jesus as I know he has incredible plans for me and also for her. Thanks for the feedback on my posts you know despite ups and downs God is so incredibly faithful and merciful to me and my life is truly blessed.

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  2. Also just wanted to say thank you for the comment, accountability is such an important part of our walk with God and it sometimes takes courage to question another Christian about their lifestyle, I truly appreciate your concern 🙂 x

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