Jesus prays for me

Don’t you just love it when something you read in the Bible clicks, everything falls into place and you feel like you finally get it?  Today I was doing my daily reading and that’s what happened to me.

Hebrews 7:23-28 – But Jesus lives forever. So he always holds the office of priest. People now come to God through him. And he is able to save them completely and for all time. Jesus lives forever. He prays for them.  A high priest like that meets our need. He is holy, pure and without blame. He isn’t like other people. He does not sin. He is lifted high above the heavens.

I had thought before about the significance of the curtain being torn in two when Jesus died but I really hadn’t thought about how he was now our “high priest”.  He intercedes for us with God, Jesus is risen from the dead, he lives for ever, so he always stands in the gap between us and our Father to ensure our salvation.  Jesus prays for me..WOW


You fill me with joy in your presence, you fill me with joy when I think of the significance of your death on a cross, your loss, your pain, but now you reign on high, you live with my Father in heaven, the risen Saviour interceding for my behaviour, you pray for me and I proclaim that loudly, Jesus prays for me, Jesus is interested in me, he sees my needs, he pleads with the Father on my behalf, interceding for my sins, standing in the gap between me and my Father to ensure my salvation, Jesus lifted high above the heavens, sin free, blameless and pure goes to war for me, protects me and shields me, a living sacrifice laid down so that I could have life, high priest who I can approach freely, with boldness and confidence, high priest, prominently seated at God’s right hand speaking for me, pleading my cause and all because of his love so pure, his victory over death and sin, he speaks for me, invites me in to join him in the heavenly realm, my life will never be the same.


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