Paperclip Christian created with God’s vision in mind

I went to my Sister’s church today, how weird to go to a different church, I felt a bit out of my comfort zone and then that was what the whole message of the service was about so it was a kind of interesting time in many ways.  We were all asked to go to a table full of objects and pick one which we felt the Holy Spirit was drawing us towards, take it away and pray over its meaning for us.  Now I can’t tell you what was on that table apart from the one item I took, a giant paper clip.  It jumped right out at me (not literally!), I pocketed it and went home.  I prayed over this item and asked God to direct me in where he was leading me.

OK so put simply a paperclip holds papers together in the right order, so initially I felt that quite  simply my role may be just that, to be a tool that holds others together, to serve to keep people together, to be the glue maybe which then keeps important parts of God’s plan from failing?

But then I got to thinking more, paperclips are versatile and as I googled uses for paperclips I came across a statistic that only 20% of paperclips are used for the purpose they were originally created for and that got me to consider:

Ephesians 2:10 – For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do

So I was created by God as a human and humans have limits, but maybe just maybe God didn’t choose me to do what average humans do, maybe just maybe he created me to be something quite different, something versatile, something unique and something big for him (note I picked a giant paperclip from the table).  So now I’m praying over this, God I believe you want me to be versatile for you, to be flexible to work for you and to think “BIG” about how I can serve you whether in or without of my comfort zone, show me your paths oh Lord.


A paperclip Christian, OK now I’m listening, paperclip Christian created with God’s vision in mind, he defines his plans, draws up his blueprint and looks for the cement to hold together all the elements of the plan, each stage essential, fundamental that all play their part and don’t fall apart, paperclip Christian ready to listen, to share the vision, to think Big and think Victory, flexibility key to defeating the enemy, paperclip Christian holding a key position, uniquely commissioned by God to do things that bring him the glory, paperclip Christian part of God’s plan, part of God’s mission.


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