All credit to you God for I am nothing without you

My Sunday Psalm today was Psalm 57 – all glory be to God, all power to his name, may he be honoured and extolled for ever!!

Psalm 57:5 – God, may you be honoured above the heavens. Let your glory be over the whole earth. 


All credit to you God for I am nothing without you, you take care of everything for me, all respect to you God when I call out your name you carry out your plan for me, you answer me from heaven, you rescue me and pull me from the mire every time I tire of those around me seeking to put me down, whose words wound me, whose actions alarm me, your love surrounds me, may you be exalted, be esteemed above all earthly things, my heart is unwavering in prayer and praise, I want to make music to praise you, my spirit is awake wanting to celebrate and adore you, so great is your love, so immense the reality of your Spirit living in me, so glorious to serve the victorious Saviour, how privileged we are to be part of the plans of God the creator, I’ve had a flavour of God’s favour and my place in his family is never in danger for I am adopted, loved and anointed, my sins voided, my future decided, thanks to the love of Jesus my friend and maker who has given me life for ever and ever.


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