God’s not adverse to relent if the prayer is sent with the right intent.

My readings this week are from Genesis and are about Abraham.  One of the things that struck me today in Genesis 18 is the relationship Abraham has with God and how he talks to him and intercedes with him on behalf of Sodom.  So in Genesis, God actually comes down to earth and Abraham can talk directly to him. He is respectful of God yet tries it on a bit, so if 50 are godly will you save it?  OK so what about 45 etc etc.  So Abraham intercedes because he feels passionately about saving lives and God honours his request (unfortunately there were no godly people in the city so it was not saved) however if there had been 10 godly people then Sodom would not have been destroyed because that was what God said and he keeps his word.

I think this reflects prayer in many ways and shows me that my prayers need to come from my heart, not just my lips.  Although I am not speaking face to face with God, through Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross I am able to talk directly with God, anytime, anywhere.  Am I passionate about my prayer, do I really appeal to God to intercede, do my prayers speak of my desire for change, my longing to see change, my heartfelt craving for justice and my appetite to see lives changed?  I sincerely believe that prayer can change God’s heart and I seek to bring things to God in prayer in a way that shows my desire for his action, his ear to hear and his heart to be moved.

Genesis 18:32 -Then he said, “Lord, don’t let your anger burn against me. Let me speak just one more time. What if only ten are found there?”   He answered, “If there are ten, I will not destroy it.”

Exodus 32:14 – Then the Lord relented and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened.


Getting on my knees, I’m on my knees to pray, thinking what to say now I’m on my knees to pray, searching my heart, what sets me apart? What sets me on fire? What desires do I have for my God who is higher, what thoughts obsess my waking hours?

I open my mouth and my heart speaks, my yearnings seep out, I speak to my God about stuff that is bad and stuff that is hard, I speak to his heart, I set apart time, it’s not a crime to get down on my knees and find space with God, this time it’s for real it’s coming from my heart.

Intercession a posh word for blessing others with my prayers, layer upon layer of hurts and needs poured out to God who sees the big picture, my prayers a mixture of asking and listening, not spoken to a distant God, spoken out loud to a Father of love who is not adverse to relent if the prayer is sent with the right intent.

God can do more for our lives in one second than we can do in a lifetime, my lifeline, my ever present help, who deserves more than a quick hello, a hurried prayer thrown up in the air, no thought, no substance expecting an answer in an instant, my God is to be respected if you want to become connected get on your knees and pray, prayer is never to be neglected if results are expected.




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