Reasons to love Jesus don’t get me started

Sometimes my head cannot get round how amazing God is and how much he has changed my life.  It’s been a bit over a year and as I approach my 50th (ouch sounds old when you write it down) I just want to thank him that the second half of my life is going to be so amazing because I have Jesus with me all the way…


A year ago I would never have guessed life would be how it is, reasons to love Jesus don’t get me started he’s the only reason I’ve made it this far, he loved me when I couldn’t even love myself, self-loathing replaced by a loving God who wanted me, he chose me as one of his own, in this crazy messed up world he is my peace, he completes me, I wasn’t forced to follow Christ, I decided and all the lies that kept me down were just that, lies of the enemy designed to create a bubble of trouble that restricted me, I was broken then God claimed me and now I see beauty, I can resist temptation cos what God has is better, I give up my control and cast my fears on him and he’s kicked my anxiety into touch, he loves me full stop, he never gave up, he builds me up, he’s on my side and takes pride in me, my talents well they’re his gift to me, he has plans for me, he wants to prosper me, to protect me, to wrap me in his arms of love, so of course I have reasons to love Jesus, he has given me a new life, second chances are hard to come by but not with God, he picked a nobody and made me somebody, protected me from me, blessed me amazingly and he loves me unconditionally and I will be with him eternally and he will be with me.


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