Your home is awesome oh Lord my God

Drawn to Psalm 84 this morning had been listening to the song, “better is one day in your house” and thought I’d see where the words came from.  When you think about it even the best day here on earth is nothing compared to a day in heaven and whilst sometimes it is hard to comprehend and imagine what heaven will be like we can rest assured that it will be amazing.  Just thinking about no pain, no tears, no sadness, no illness and no way the enemy can taunt or get at us, protected and shielded by God’s love, forever, period.  AWESOME

Psalm 84

Your home is awesome oh Lord my God and I cannot wait to step foot in the gate, my heart soars at the thought, my whole body aches to be taken out of this broken place, I call on your name, save me from the shame, the fractured and fragmented world we call home, take me to your home where blessings abound, where your children surround your throne in praise and worship, their strength drawn from you, their home a place of love and peace, where the enemy can no longer reach, a place of safety, my God the sun lighting my path, my God the shield of protection, my God handing out favour and honour, what a Saviour, what a friend, he withholds no good thing for us his children who have turned from sin and are now blameless, hear my prayer Lord God Almighty for I want to rightly take my place within your holy and anointed place and I would rather be a doorkeeper than full partaker of life in the land of the wicked, better is one day in your house than a thousand elsewhere, look on me with grace and favour, look on your trusting servant with mercy, give me the strength and the dignity to live my life completely as a dedicated servant of the King, give me opportunities to sing of your amazing love, to sow and reap, to complete the race set before me and then join you for all eternity.


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