I have a passion for this man named Jesus

I was watching a clip of a young man giving his testimony, he was so passionate about Jesus and said clearly and with such force “I have a passion for this man named Jesus”,  and when you heard where Jesus had brought him from you could so understand the love and the passion for our great and redeeming Saviour, it was a really moving clip.

I too have an amazing passion for Jesus and for what he has done for me and as I mentioned in my Blog earlier in the week was upset by others posting stuff on facebook that was anti Christian, much of which took the Bible totally out of context.  Why do people do that, they cling on to a verse or word that is taken totally out of context to hammer home their point that Christians are wrong?  My prayer really is that those people will take the time to read the Bible in context, to listen to full teaching on the word but I suppose in many cases that won’t happen unless we are the catalyst in their lives.  If people can see the change in us, the way we live then that could be the reason for them to delve deeper into our faith, that may be the game changer that helps them to see who Jesus is and what he can do for them.  Let’s face it all we really want is for others to follow Jesus, to get it, to fully comprehend the power of his love and so surely we need to ensure we are living our lives fully committed to God, passionate about Jesus and passionate about our faith.


I have a passion for this man named Jesus, and nothing or no one can separate us, there are not words enough to express my love for him and his love for me, can you not see that this is the man who can set you free, you don’t know him yet, but you can, you don’t yet understand and you’re blaming him for all the bad stuff in your life, questioning his word out of context, making it a nonsense because you are not honest in pursuing the answers, yet God pursues you even when you run from him, mock him, make fun of his disciples, and sure it costs nothing to join the crowd yet everything to stand apart, do you have the heart for being different, in this world of hate you have a choice, choose life, choose love, choose to invest time in finding out about this “God of Love”, stop wishing your life away, you can wish upon a star and I can pray to the God who flung them into space, you can turn from his face, I receive his overwhelming mercy and grace, you can hide but not forever for he is relentless in his pursuit of you, he loves the very bones of you, desires to get to know you, giving you a purpose, no longer worthless but worthwhile, significant in his magnificent Kingdom, accepting of his freedom, I have a passion for this man named Jesus, take some time to see this from my perspective, get creative with your thoughts, if you do the same thing you’ve always done you get the same results you always get, Jesus is ready to forgive and forget, to let you have a life of abundant joy and vibrancy, to live a life free from anxiety, free from worry, free from the very things that hold you in slavery, it’s all written in his book, take a look some time without your eyes of bigotry, open your heart to see what it really says, talk to God like a simple prayer, ask him to help you make sense of his word, take time to ask God what he can do for you, following Jesus is the best thing you will ever do.


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