God help me to sow and help me to reap

Giving God the Glory, that’s what it’s all about, in everything we do, say, how we act, everything should be for the Glory of God.

John 9:3 – ‘Neither this man nor his parents sinned,’ said Jesus, ‘but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.

The more I move forward with God the more I know that he can use me, what a great gift for God to use us, awesome just one way of giving back a tiny fraction of what he has given to us.


God is still writing my story and what a story it will be, a story of freedom, of liberty, of how he broke me out of slavery but how can I use the story to bring glory to God?  What can I do to ensure that the glory is his, these things happened so that his work could be displayed through me that’s what it says John 9 verse 3.  So here’s the thing, I want to bring his message of salvation to this nation, to help others to see that what he did for me he can do for them, it all stems from being free, free from all the angst and anxiety that humans seem to carry, for people to know that they can take all their worries and fears to a God who hears, who collects their tears and feels their pain, for people to never again feel alone, to know that God is their friend and what a friend we have in Jesus, a friend who is constantly by our side, a friend who never lies but keeps all his promises, promises that he is with us wherever we go, he knows our thoughts, our hearts, our minds, he is kind, my mind is full of longing to help the lonely feel they belong, to help the lost find the way, God gives us freedom, everlasting peace, he seeks to bless us, treasures us and fights our corner, slow to anger, love overflows from our loving God and all he wants is for us to ask, “save me, help me, guide me to freedom”, God’s Kingdom is open to all who believe, God help me to sow and help me to reap.


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