This is my word

Gave my testimony to 120 women today, was not as nervous as I thought and was truly blessed by the response I got, God is certainly using my story and to him be the total glory for saving me from my sin.  Part of my testimony revolves around my belief that God called me out of the gay lifestyle and that I believe this is both biblical and God’s will for my Iife. I was chatting to some ladies about this and how I truly believed in the Old Testament and New Testament references to homosexuality/sexual immorality and when I got back to my seat I just felt God giving me this reference.

Proverbs 7: 2-3 – Guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.  Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.

To me it was like a massive endorsement of my testimony, that I was listening to his word and obeying him, praise God.


This is my word and my word is the truth, guard it closely, hold it close to your heart, demonstrate your faith by believing the truth that comes from my teachings, treat each word with care and love, don’t be deceived by the enemy, false teachers and preachers, don’t try and twist it to suit your desires, allow my fire to burn in your soul so that you may be whole, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, I love you, you are the apple of my eye and I want you to desire to draw close to me, to take everything I have to give, to live a full and fruitful life, to make sacrifices as required, desire to know me more, to receive all I have in store for you, hold my word close to your heart and you and I will never be apart.


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