He rescues me from powerful enemies

Was reading Psalm 18 today, what an amazing Psalm so full of promise, so full of the power and greatness of God.  Got me to thinking of what God did and continues to do for me…

Psalm 18 – I love you, Lord, my strength, the Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.


OK so I was in a bad place, my head space was wrecked and I was so far from God that it was hard to see how he was ever gonna connect with me, the cords of death entangled me, like what does that mean, well I was going down, you know like I was not feeling the love, I had had enough of all the trash surrounding me, never feeling secure or happy, like the happiness I had was empty, no depth, no meaning just me leaning on a feeling that kind of masked the pain, the guilt, the shame, and I knew  his name, I knew he was there I just didn’t grasp that he cared for me even in my state of sin, I didn’t think that I was worth it yet when I was distressed, in a mess all I had to do was call to God for help cos he’s in his temple waiting to hear from me, he is ready day or night to reach out and take me right out of the situation I find myself in, no matter how deep the water how torrid the storm how far I had walked away from him, he’s in it with me, he rescues me from powerful enemies, and OK so that means anything out to destroy me, behaviours and actions, all my addictions, my love of things not holy, my inability to see that God loved me, and these things were too strong for me until God helped me see that he delights in me and he would rescue me because of the thoughts he had for me, he wanted me to prosper, to look after me, he brought me into a place where I could be safe, I could learn to be happy, believe in me, believe that I am worthy, loveable and that I can be of some use to him, to know that he’s wiped out my sin and now I live for him, his way is perfect, like spot on, his word is without blemish and he always finishes what he starts, he keeps my path clear, he lifts me nearer to him every day, he’s showing me ways to fight the battles, he rattles my enemies and protects me from evil, he lives, Jesus lives and lives in me, praise him he has filled me with an amazing joy, my heart beats faster when I think of the Father who gave his son so I could be free, who gave a perfect and faultless son to die on a cross because of me, because he loved me so dearly he couldn’t bear to see me condemned to an eternity of death and destruction, his only instruction, love me with all your heart mind and soul, turn away from the sin that’s controlling your life, embrace the sacrificial lamb, stand firm and God confirms that he is my rock, my salvation, my shield and stronghold, that means he’s holding me in his arms, keeping me safe from any and everything that can harm me, alarm me or hold me down, he allows me to be free, he gives me joy and strength and more than that he gives me peace.


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