Have you seen my crown of beauty?

How amazing to think that God has anointed us but also a great responsibility.  We have a message for the world and we should not shy from delivering the message at every possible opportunity, that’s what I aim to do every day yet sometimes it is hard to seize the opportunities and I resolve to try harder to seek out opportunities to witness for God.

Isaiah 61 – the year of the Lord’s Favour


I am anointed for God’s favour cos I have a message the world needs to hear, a message that speaks to all, that drives out fear, hearts may ache but God brings joy, good news for the poor, freedom from earthly anxieties and needs, comfort for the bereaved, a release from darkness into light, God fights for us, we just need to be still and allow his will to be done, God turns the bitter into sweet, only my God can bring beauty from ashes, have you seen my crown of beauty?  Have you heard what he did for me? Jesus set me free from so much trash, he took the ashes of my life, shone his light into all the dark places, his grace is enough, enough to wipe your slate clean, I mean the whole thing, delivering me from what I’ve done and what others have done to me, he will restore, rebuild and renew every part of me, I will be as a mighty oak tree displaying his splendour, praise replacing sadness, gladness overflowing from every part of my being, I own nothing yet I have everything, instead of my shame I proclaim God’s mercy and love, receive double the blessings and eternal joy, all who see me will know that I have grown, I am a new creation and the elation I feel in my heart cannot be held down, I are blessed, clothed with salvation, dressed to impress with robes of righteousness, I have been planted for God’s glory and God will use my story to illustrate his healing power, his mercy and grace, his favour is on me and I am blessed.


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