How he delights in my salvation

Psalm 17:8 – Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings

I know that people say “God acts in mysterious ways” but the more I walk with him the more I realise this is true.  Not only that but God talks to us constantly and knows exactly when to say something or remind us of something that made us feel good, to bring us back to a good place with him and it’s exactly what I needed today.  This weekend is a difficult one for me, of course it’s all a commercial con to get us to spend money but Valentines surrounds us and that just puts pressure on my already fragile relationship with my partner.  Yep we no longer have the kind of love that is pivotal to human relationships and that’s OK for me cos I have got a deeper love and relationship now with God and he provides for me.  More difficult for a partner who still struggles to come to terms with my faith and all that Valentines means for us is a tense and awkward few days.

So I came to a daily devotional I look at occasionally from Joyce Meyer and there it is, a reinforcement of something God told me a few weeks ago – I am God’s Favourite!  Now that’s enough to put a smile back on my face..

Wow, so I was told this whilst receiving some prayer ministry, it was almost a secondary comment to the main message but I was told “you’re his favourite” and at that stage I just dismissed it as a bit of fun.  However today I realise that yes I am God’s favourite.  We are all God’s favourite and as God he can truly say that to us, it is true, he chose each and every one of us and he wants us to be secure in the knowledge of his love for us.

So thank you God for that timely reminder of your love.

I’m his favourite!

Treasured, beloved, adored and esteemed, redeemed by a loving Father, an adoring parent who took this errant child and gently guided me back to the safety of his wings, he shelters me and holds me close, I am his child, the daughter of a King, an adoring loving King who knows everything, my every thought, my fears, my worries, what I’ve done that makes me feel unworthy and yet he loves me, has forgiven me for every sin, no matter how big or small, I am forgiven, oh how he loves me, how he delights in my salvation, how patient he is, how amazing his affection for me, he is devoted to me, he’s working his plans out in my life, I live because he died, I live because he became a sacrifice, awesome God, magnificent Saviour who favours me above all others, yes I am his favourite, it’s personal and intimate and I bask in the knowledge that I am a child of God and highly favoured in his world.



  1. Amen!!! Absolutely 🙂 He loves us and wants the best for us! By acknowledging Him and His love for us all that causes Him to smile I’m sure 😊 We need to learn how to rest in His Love🙃


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