Crafting me into a citizen of heaven….

Just got to thinking today that I will never be apart from God ever again………..WOW.  Now that is a good thought !!

Isaiah 49:16: – See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;


God knows me so well that he holds me in the palm of his hand, my name engraved right there where he reached out and pulled me from death into life, I am in God’s hands, never to be released, never forgotten, my name tattoed on his palm so what harm can come to me, God protects me, guides me, helps me, you see God knows me intimately and sees my needs, he knows my name and he tells me I am good enough and no man can take that away, no man can tell me differently, I am in God’s thoughts and his plans for me surpass anything I can ask of myself, he is able to do immeasurably more than I can imagine or ask for, his awesome display of creativity displayed through me for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, no longer afraid, no longer timid he has created in me a spirit of power and self-discipline, crafting me into a citizen of heaven, he beckons me closer with his hand, he whispers softly in my ear, he reveals mysteries to me, gives me gifts and fills me with his Spirit, he lifts me up, fills my cup to overflowing, I am ever growing in knowledge, his love saturates my soul, my goal to know him more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly, to tell of his power to tell of his love, to tell the world of my God who knows me so well.


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