Open the heavens Lord pour out your Spirit in me

Wow the power of the Holy Spirit is working in me and it’s so exciting had a real encounter with him last night, filled to over flowing and it was awesome, something I pray for more of every day.


Breathe on me breath of God, breathe so hard into an emptiness that only you can fill, deep places in my soul hand designed by you and reserved for you to fill, give me an immense strength, faith, courage to let you take control for just as I see that the whole earth is filled with your Glory I yearn for more, open the heavens Lord pour out your Spirit in me, fill me to capacity, full, filled and fulfilled, my brain is full of joy, my heart sings, the God of all hope overflowing from me, Spirit of God who raised Jesus from the dead fall afresh on me, empty me of me so you can fill me with you, knock me off my feet, sweep me away each and every day, Holy Spirit you are welcome here, overflow from me, intercede for me in my weakness, strengthen me to receive your power, my soul thirsts for you, I delight in you as you delight in me, I say yes to the journey may impossibility become my reality through your Spirit working in me.


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