Experience God from a different perspective, a more effective relationship

My daily reading this morning was Psalm 46 and I love verse 10 – what a message, like how often in this busy world do we really stop, be still and talk to God..

Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God


Be still, like sit down, shut up, turn off the laptop, turn the telly and the radio off, headphones out of your ears, mobile off, now sit down and be still.  Not easy is it, switching off all the noise and pollution of a society tuned in to constant activity, instant answers (I’ll Google that), and once you’re sat, freeing your mind of all that you have to do, the list of chores, the thoughts that flood your head of all the things you could be doing yet here you are, in silence, being still, you will start to sense the love of God, you’ll start to tune in to his word, experience God from a different perspective, a more effective relationship cos you’ve elected to invest your time to be still and know, and you know what, now you’re still you can allow the Lord to fill you with his love and Spirit, stop being inhibited in your prayer life, your Spirt arising, awakening to God’s great promise that he is our hope and salvation, with elation you realise that you are talking to the risen Lord and he is talking to you, with joy in your heart you start to recognise the value of a two way relationship, friendship with a heavenly father who’d rather you took the time to sit a while in his presence and asks you really is it so hard to sit, be still and know that I am God


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  1. So true – turn off the stuff (technology) and find God in the real life. I like to use my bible (paper copy) because it will be there even if the electricity goes off.
    When using the iPad etc it is so easy to get distracted by others things, apps etc – which may seems important and pressing but . . . time with God, keep it simple

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