God is showing you that he wants to save you

Been talking to God about a closer walk with him, partially driven by a book I am reading where the author has some amazing encounters with God and partially driven by my desire to serve God in a tangible and fruitful way. I so desire to hear from God, to really know his desires for my life, to walk even more closely with him every day:

Hebrews 3:7 – So as the Holy Spirit says today if you hear his voice….

I have a strong faith and then I read about the faith of others, where God speaks directly to them, tells them a message to give to others and think WOW that’s amazing, would I have the nerve, the faith to pass on a message from God, particularly if it’s a difficult message for that person to receive?  I have been praying for Spiritual growth and talking to God particularly about hearing from him, I so desire to be used in that way and this morning the verse he gave me was Hebrews 3:7 just that one isolated verse, if/when I hear his voice, am I ready?  But then as I looked into Hebrews 3 more I was drawn to verses 12 and 13 and just felt that this was what I should be blogging about today.

See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘Today’, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

“Sin’s deceitfulness” how often in the last year has this crossed my mind in various forms but often in relation to sexuality, how many people out there read the Bible and then say, but it’s OK being gay was different then, God understands and allows it now, it’s not clear in the Bible, Jesus never said, don’t worry I don’t think Jesus minds you being gay and so on.  Yes the enemy is the master of deceit and I feel drawn to challenge and support those whose hearts are hardened to the truth of the Bible, the truth of God’s word so that they too can be saved and have this amazing relationship with God.


Listen to God, listen and hear, I implore you not to turn a deaf ear or interpret his words in a way that protects you from fear, it won’t draw you nearer to God when you clear your mind of every verse or word that defines your actions as sin, when you fail to let him in because that sin of yours is causing you some worry, don’t hurry through the chapters that are challenging you, read them with a prayerful attitude, allow God to speak, allow God to explain, he doesn’t want to cause you pain but if you refrain from taking action and addressing the sin then you’re not really letting him in and when he’s not in your heart then you are apart, you are separated from God, from God who loves you so immensely, he created you, made you, nurtured and treasured you, hold fast in confidence, God is showing you that he wants to save you, he wants you to hear his inner voice and he needs you to listen, don’t come at this with a hard heart, closed ears and hands over your eyes so you don’t have to see, come at this with openness to receive all the great things he has in store for you, no unbelief, no trips, no slips or falls, today will never come again and God offers you blessings, he is your friend and I want to encourage you to pray about this every day, as long as it is called today there is an opportunity to say enough to your sin, and yes it’s tough to turn away from behaviour we’ve relied on every day but nothing is so tough that God can’t overcome, some of us were deceived by the enemy, believed the truth in his lies thrown out through jealousy of what he cannot offer, he thrills to deceive, God thrills to give, to provide, to redeem and God gives you freedom beyond all comprehension, Jesus died for your salvation so I urge you to turn your back on things that keep you apart from God’s love, and above all things I want you to know the love that I know from God, to know how it feels when he reveals his true self to you, to feel the weight of shame released from your body, no longer a nobody, God’s made you a somebody if you’ll only seize that opportunity.


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