I gave him my heart and he kicked into action

Beginning to feel like I’ve cracked it, like looking back was part of my recovery but you can’t look back forever.  So letting go and moving forwards is what God wants me to do now and when you look forward you can see all the promises God has in store for you and you can reach out to touch them, to claim them.  I realise that when I gave my heart to God that was just the beginning, but the beginning of what?  The beginning of the most amazing journey ever, the beginning of a new me and the beginning of claiming all the promises God has for me, I want to have an even closer relationship with God I want to claim all the good things he promises and I want to be in a position to give back to God everything he has given me by serving him unconditionally.

Romans 12:2 – Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.


My horizon is clearer, I’ve stopped looking back and the horizon is nearer, within my grasp, at last I am able to see more clearly the amazing plan God has for me, for simply believing was never how it was meant to be, believing is not a commitment, my commitment is changing the way that I live, the thoughts that I have and the way I behave, God didn’t save me so I could rot and decay, God saved me so I could have life in abundance, joy, peace and love running through my veins, God took the impossible and made it possible, impossible is where God started with me, I gave him my heart and he gave me a new horizon, a new future, I gave him my heart and he kicked into action, started to fashion me into a new creation and when God takes action things really happen, he takes us as we are, the raw material which we present with but he never leaves us that way, there’s not one day goes by that God is not working in me, moulding and building me, for he knows the plans he has for me, being like the world, well that’s no longer my goal, being like the world leaves a hole, a void in your heart that aches for healing, healing that comes from kneeling and praying to a loving Father who’d rather we forgot the past and looked forward to new horizons, the Lioness is arising in me ready to roar in response to the call of my Father who fills my horizon with rainbows, his promises never fail, God’s plan prevails, trust it, live it, enjoy it, no borders, no barriers, no failures cos I am now one of God’s fearless warriors and I’m drawing ever nearer to God my Saviour through changing my words, thoughts and behaviour.


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