Holy Spirit gives you the courage and substance to share your testimony

One strong message I got from church today was that my anointing, my job as such is to live my life in a way that preaches the good news, a way that draws people to God, perhaps in a way that makes them question their beliefs and question mine in a way that makes them curious to learn more.  I know I can do more and I know it’s not necessarily about preaching with my voice, it’s also preaching through my actions and behaviours.

The other message I have got strongly from God is the need to really listen and let his word sink in and change us, this links with my anointing, I have to listen and allow him to change me – a quote I saw prior to church this morning was:

“Help us take our fingers out of our ears and let the truth penetrate our heart, soul and mind”


He gives us one job, one task, all he asks is for us to preach the gospel at all times, so go out, tell someone what great things Jesus has done for you and do not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God, it is salvation for everyone who believes, take the blindfold from your eyes, your fingers out of your ears, let the truth penetrate your heart, your soul, your mind and you know it’s not just about speaking the truth, the way you live your life can be proof of a life changed, when people listen to you or see how you behave, when they read your Facebook page or see your Twitter feed, would they bring their needs to you, would they see your light shining from the screen or would it all seem a bit superficial, an artificial religion that means nothing to them and not much to you?  Walk the walk don’t just talk the talk, let Jesus shine through you, his Spirit leading you, open up your heart, ask God for an understanding of the implications of your behaviour, not just for your salvation but for those he has put in your path, those who depend on you to shine the light on their life, praise God for the everyday encounters that he gifts to you so freely, encounters that you really need to grasp and own, encounters that you can turn to times of witness, draw on all the Holy Spirit gives to you, the chance to share of God’s greatness waits around every corner and his Spirit gives you the courage and substance to share your testimony, to tell others the story of what Jesus has done for you, for we were not saved to stay silent and through the grace of our Heavenly Father we have been saved, ask God to show you the way, ask him to open up chances for you to witness, to give you the words and quickness of thought to answer their questions, to let your life be an expression of a life lived with Jesus at the centre, enter into a partnership with the Holy Spirit and your witness for God will know no limits.


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