What if I had been the perpetrator of the crime?

Been reading a book by Jennifer Rees Larcombe and have been struck quite deeply by her comments on forgiveness.  We need to actively seek to forgive those who have hurt us in the past, and sometimes we need to ask God to open our minds to who may still go unforgiven by us. This may take us aback a bit when we really seek in our minds for God to reveal areas of unforgiveness and yes, that resounds with me, since becoming a Christian God has revealed some areas of hurt that had been long buried and now I need to address how I can forgive, not just on the surface, but deep down in my heart.

Matthew 6:14 -For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you


Sliding doors, different story so what if it had been me dishing out the hurt and pain, what if I had been the perpetrator of the crime, a different place a different time, what if I had been the one and when all is said and done I am no better, for I too am a sinner, but what if I had been the one and woke up one day and said to God, God I am sorry please forgive me and God said well no actually you hurt me too much, you caused me pain, if you hadn’t done that my life wouldn’t be the same, the choices I made may have been different, my family relationships not so distant, my head space significantly better so you better just forget it, I cannot forgive you, I cannot let it go……

Whoa don’t go there, God not forgiving, God pushing me away when I just came to say sorry… so that’s not going to happen but teaches us a lesson, God forgives all, including the offenders who’ve offended me, including those who have hurt and abused me and he wants me to forgive them too.  For what power is there in unforgiveness just more pain, more hurt and bitterness, unforgiveness just hurts me but forgiveness, well that sets me free, forgiveness means I am forgiven so now I am driven to find a way to say to the perpetrators of the crime, I forgive you now, it’s time for me to let it go, it’s time to stop the rot, to show you just quite what I got when I got God, OK it’s hard to forgive, to really excuse the pain and abuse but I choose to forgive and I choose to move forward backing out of my corner of shame and regret and into the arms of the one who forgives and forgets.


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