We worship a kind and forgiving God who has given us a second chance

My daily readings have started right at the beginning – Genesis and the creation, struck me today how God chose to make us in his image, a lot of interpretation around what that means but to me it doesn’t matter how you interpret it whether physically the same, or mentally the same or if it means something else, God wanted us to be like him – that is kind of amazing when you reflect, and reflect on the choices he made, to make this beautiful world for us to enjoy and to give us a role to play.  Then think on, we mucked it up basically but he came back and gave us a second chance, now that IS love.

God the Creator

God you created all things, you chose to give us this amazing earth to live in, you divided the earth from the heavens, you created the sky and the sea gave us air to breathe, you chose to fill your creation with incredible plants and foliage, you chose to fill the air with birds, the seas with fish, the land with crops our source of food and nourishment, you chose to give us incredible animals of varied designs, you chose to give us day and night, to give us the moon and the sun as a source of light and heat but what is so neat is that you chose to make us in your likeness, to give us dominion over the earth you created, to hand this to us on a plate, to trust us with your work, a privilege and a huge responsibility and one you freely gave so we could live happily and God we didn’t do this gift justice, despite the trust you put in us we turned to sin, we turned our faces away from you and now God we seek to undo the harm we’ve caused, we turn back to you and call you Lord and we worship a kind and forgiving God who has given us a second chance, who grants us full redemption from our sins if we but believe and declare that you are Lord God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth you grant us a second birth, a chance to serve God the Alpha and Omega, loving creator who bears no malice, who died on the Cross to correct the imbalance that we alone had created in your own creation, you didn’t shun man for his errors no you chose to give us another chance to be with you forever proving your eternal love is available to whomever chooses to sever their relationship with sin, open their heart and invite Jesus in.


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