Sovereign God may my faith move mountains

Was walking this morning along a windy coast path, got to the beach and the waves were crashing against the stone wall, water flying up on to the promenade and got me to thinking about the power of God’s love and then to the parting of the Red Sea.  If I have faith anything is possible, if I trust God he will use his mighty power to provide my every need and if I follow him he will part the seas before me and make a path for me.  No better way than to approach a New Year with that in my mind, God, you are awesome and next year I promise I will try and find another (equally powerful) word to describe how I feel about you!

Psalm 77:19 – Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen


God leads me, supplies all my needs, he leads the way through mighty waters yet his footprints go unseen, my God is God of the impossible, he commands the winds and the waters obey him, he created the earth, bought our salvation, my God is within me, when my heart is overwhelmed he leads me to the rock that is higher than I and I will not fail and I laugh without fear at the future, Sovereign God may my faith move mountains, may I seek and may I find, may walls come tumbling down and if I fail to see your plans may I pray until your unseen path appears, may your love draw me near, may your plans become clear and as I draw near to you may my lips never cease to praise you, may I never fail to raise my arms to you and thank you for my salvation, Lord part the waters for your daughter, pave the way for my calling and send me soaring in paths of righteousness, may I be filled with the fruits of the Spirit, with your love, with joy, with peace and patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness and all this for your names sake I pray AMEN


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