It’s true time does not heal all wounds, but God does

Reflecting today on an amazing year (isn’t that what we do as a New Year approaches?) but I really am blessed to say I have had the most awesome year because 2015 will always be the year I gave my life to Jesus, was baptised and baptised in the Holy Spirit.  All in so short a time and all the more amazing because when I gave my life to Jesus that was just the start, I was broken and needed fixing, God is still fixing me but I have come so far.

I have written the following almost as a reminder to me of where I was, as I became more aware of God’s love and grace I was still scared to let go, there were still parts of me that were scared, what would my friends say, how should I behave as a Christian, would I be good enough, how would I beat some of the hard wired behaviours and addictions I had developed over 40 plus years but when I made the decision to ask God into my life he was there, he helped me, he took away the fears and concerns I had and started to take control.  It’s hard to describe, it wasn’t like an instant change and it wasn’t (and isn’t) always easy but it is easy in so much as God is with me always, he is my best friend and in everything he helps me and guides me, it is an amazing feeling to have him so close and to know that I am a work in progress, I am his special creation and that is special.


Today I want you to know that my God saves, OK so don’t switch off cos I mentioned the God word, I know it may seem absurd to you that there’s a God who wants to save you, you may feel you’re in too deep, broken heart, broken dreams, addicted, afflicted, constricted by an inescapable lifestyle, fallen on hard times, limited in your options, surviving not living and what if I told you today ten years from now your life would be no different?

Would you be indifferent or would you recognise you deserve something better, you deserve to be happy you are worth it, yes your heart may be broken but your life isn’t, your dreams may be shattered but you still have a future and yes it’s true time does not heal all wounds, but God does.

There is hope, God looks at the heart where sins run deep, his grace runs deeper, he doesn’t care what others think about you, he cares about you, don’t run with the crowd too proud to say you made a mistake, it’s never too late to make changes, believe me it doesn’t matter what others think it’s what you believe in, this world and its desires pass away but when you do the will of God you will live forever and yes you may have turned from his face, fallen from grace but God can mend your broken heart, he fills every empty space, erases the fears of the past, creates in you a new future, only he can fill your life with good things.

Stop overthinking this, start your comeback today, believe that you matter cos in God’s eyes you matter as much as every other person alive, so quit making excuses, forget all the reasons God won’t work in your life and believe in the one reason God will work, he loves you period. The only limits are those you put in the way, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about letting go and letting God deal with it, God has a great plan for your life, trust him, let go of everything that is holding you back, then don’t look back.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction becomes the biggest step of your life, seize the day and hand it to God, I’m not lying and saying that it won’t be hard at times, but hard with God is a million times better than hard on your own, if I had known ten years ago what I know now I would have prayed to him sooner, handed my life over to my God who loves me so please don’t dismiss the fact that God’s love changes.

He loves you as you are and wants the best for you, don’t stagnate and wait for life to deal you a better hand, it won’t, put it all into God’s hands he understands, he knows your fears, thoughts and worries, he knows that you have no clue how to change, he knows you fear losing your friends, he knows you think you can’t make it without your comforts, he knows you have tried to turn your life around and how you floundered on your own, he knows you feel like you don’t deserve better, he gets that you have never met a Saviour before and have no idea how to behave, he will lead you, guide you, teach you, surround you with the right people, he offers you freedom and forgiveness for all you have done, you want a new life? With God it is done.


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