Jesus gave up his life so that you could have one

Was thinking today about people who say they hate religion, had a man come in the shop a few weeks ago telling me he hated all Christians, why?  Well at that stage I failed to ask him but I did tell him I was a Christian so pray he comes back to the shop and this time I will have the strength of mind to take that conversation further.  But do I define myself as being “religious”, well no I don’t I define myself as a Christian and having a faith in God but I don’t feel I am religious.  Does religion put some people off finding out more about Jesus?? Led me to writing this…


If I could tell you one thing about Jesus it would be don’t get Jesus mixed up with religious, cos I know what you’re thinking religious equals contentious, religious equals terrorists, religious equals pretentious, people thinking they are better than you and I thought that too, but Jesus wasn’t religious either, he too saw through the pomp and piety of the Pharisees, he didn’t come to earth to appease the religious leaders, he came to earth to be there for people like me and like you, you see I’m not religious but I do know Jesus cos he believes in us and sees the best in us, it doesn’t matter what your history, whatever your story he gets it, he understands and he still holds out his hand to you, he wants you to know that whatever your issues, whatever problems you bring to the table he is able to deal with them for you, nothing you have done will separate you from him, Jesus has walked in human skin he knows what it’s like to be hated and mocked, he understands how it feels to be all alone, he has been tempted and could have thrown it all away too but he stayed true to his calling, no matter how appalling your life, no matter how appealing your addictions, no matter what your hang-ups, Jesus gave up his life so that you could have one, not just the life you’re living now but a better life, a life which allows you to escape from the fallout, move out of the torment and into contentment, find relief from the anguish and you can accomplish anything you desire with Jesus on side regardless of what you have tried before with Jesus the door will be opened and hope spoken into your mind, with Jesus you will find peace and the love of a family that just maybe you’ve been missing, Jesus’s mission to save people like me and like you, to give us a chance to start anew, regardless of age it’s never too late to start a new page in your life, his sacrifice covered your purchase price, you have been saved already all you need do is ask Jesus to help you understand what he wants you to do, you’re no longer screwed, you have a lifeline, take it now and you can redefine your future and the sooner you do this the more you have to gain, let Jesus in, let him take your pain.


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