God’s love was sudden, not like he suddenly loved me but I suddenly got it

Yesterday was reminded how far I have come this year, so yes that is so true and helped me put into perspective an incident earlier in the day when I had slipped back into old habits, not badly but enough to anger myself and feel like a failure.  However, spending time last night with other Christians talking and praying together is so uplifting and I realise that I am on a journey and that God is working miracles in my life.  When I became a Christian that was really the start of the change in me and I need to stop being so hard on myself when I get things wrong, after all God has forgiven me so I should forgive myself, I continue to strive to be all God wants me to be and I pray for his continued renewal of my life (particularly the bits I don’t like!)  So my prayer is really for God to continue the work he has started in me into next year and I cannot wait to see what awesome plans he has for me!

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.


God changed my life period.  God changed me in an instant as soon as I got down on my knees and asked him to forgive me I was forgiven, no ifs, no buts, God’s love was sudden, not like he suddenly loved me but I suddenly got it, the love he had always had for me had passed through the blockage that I had created and I was elated to receive his forgiveness, that encounter with God was just the beginning of a friendship that started with God revealing to me that he loved me unconditionally and he always will; he gave me assurances for the future, he revealed that he has a purpose for me and wanted to build me so I could fulfil the destiny written for me and as he works with me he renews and encourages my mind he reminds me constantly to have the courage to make positive choices, seize the chances to make changes for through changing God is mending what was broken and changing me into something amazing, all I need is faith.  Every situation a creation of God so maybe I need to pray not for a change in situation but an understanding of the reasons for the position I find myself in, to find blessings in everything, for eyes that see the best, for a heart that forgives the worst, for a mind that forgets the bad and for a personality that embraces the best in me, for my mind to accept that I am of worth to God, a willingness to accept myself as worthy and give myself permission to be loved, for courage to let go of the past, old ways do not open new doors, “But God” type excuses not an acceptable response, continue to change me oh Lord, create within me a new heart, continue your work in me I pray, continue to mould me, forgive me my trespasses and bring me out of the shadows, help me live, love and worship, understand that prayer is my powerful weapon in my drive for perfection, may I pray on purpose with purpose and determination recognising the gift you have given of eternal salvation.


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