My best friend is a King

Was thinking today about my relationship with God and maybe how I would describe it to others, like why do I believe in God or what is my relationship with him and thought , well he’s my best friend and that’s the only way I can describe it, God is everything to me and since becoming a Christian I just feel like he is the first person I think about every morning, the last person I think about every night, the person I turn to first when I’m in a muddle, the first person I talk to when I have a problem, and you know what “he gets me”, he totally understands me and that’s awesome

My Best Friend

My best friend is a King, random you may think, he doesn’t appear on my facebook page but he’s still my friend, he’s not on the phone but I still talk to him daily, and he’s not on twitter, but I am his follower, he is my best friend, always there, always listening, always ready to advise me, he doesn’t dictate to me, he gives me freedom of choice, his Spirit guides me and he loves me unconditionally and that’s a fact, in fact my best friend understands me, he knows my history, my heart, my mind, he gets me, he gets me more that I get myself, he knows what makes me tick and he sticks by me, even when I get things wrong, whatever I might have said or done is history, forgiven and forgotten.

My best friend can be depended upon whatever the situation, he defends me, he shields me, he wants to bring out the best in me, makes things happen in my life, he paves the way for me to develop and grow, surrounds me with the right people and with him even loneliness changes to a kind of peaceful solitude, he accepts my attitudes, he loved me when I was un-loveable, when I was hateful and mean and when I ran from him he didn’t give in, he sees my beauty when I feel ugly, when I act ugly he gets me, he understands my past, believes in my future and accepts me as I am today, he is there in the middle of the night when others are sleeping, keeping me calm and free from anxiety, sharing my thoughts with me and he makes my problems his problems so I don’t go through them alone, in fact get this, my best friend died for my problems, he laid down his life for me that shows me just how much I mean.

My best friend changed my life, he knows all about me, he gets me, he keeps me close and he is there when others grow weary, he is there when others leave me to falter, and I talk to him often and he talks to me,  he calls me friend and I can respond because I can now see what a friend really means, what a friend gives to a relationship, how a friend cares and is always there despite my faults and imperfections, regardless of others perceptions of me and my story, in the face of my history my friend doesn’t waver, he takes my behaviour in his stride and strives to find ways to walk by my side and guide me in my journey, he is concerned about me and all I can be, my best friend is Jesus and my prayer if you see this blog that you check out more about my amazing God, you too could have the most awesome friendship with a King, how amazing think about it Jesus son of God your friend and Saviour, chilling with God your new facebook status.


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