There was no blame until the Devil came calling

So a bit of a revelation today, the Christmas story starts with two people, not Mary and Joseph but Adam and Eve.  You see if Eve had not listened to the lie of the serpent, if Eve had trusted totally in the loving God who created her then there would be no need for God to send his son to earth, there would be no sin and therefore no need for Jesus to die on a cross.  So pretty much from day one God has been planning for our salvation, think about how much that shows he loves us he made us, we got it wrong, he starts planning how to save us…awesome


So the Christmas story starts with a couple who God loves so very much, he made them in his own image, he made them sinless, you see Adam and Eve were the first and only human beings to experience what we will receive when we get to heaven, no sin, nothing within them to separate them from their loving God, nothing that set them apart, they felt no shame there was no blame until the Devil came calling, came with that tempting thought that we know we ought to resist, we know he will persist and despite God telling us to resist the devil so that he will flee from us, sometimes we just listen to him for a second too long and allow him to seduce us with thoughts that are not of God, we allow him to suck us in and then it’s too late, sin committed, we omitted to listen to the advice of our Father, rather we turn our backs and hope perhaps he won’t notice but this is it, God sees everything, he is all knowing, there is no hiding place, even the darkness is alive with God’s love, he abides in the shadows as well as the light, he sees the inner fights that we are battling, he knows we are grappling with the truth, struggling with Satan’s untruths and lies and that is why God has been planning for our salvation since the beginning of time, since Adam and Eve basically blew it God started to plan his next move and that’s where the next chapter begins, Jesus died to wipe out our sins, to forgive us for anything and everything that separates us from his love, he calls us to repent to see the error of our ways, and even when we fail his mercy remains, even on the Cross when Jesus was mocked and persecuted he was rooted in love and grace, ”Father forgive them they know not what they are doing”, Father forgive me even though I do know that what I am doing is not pleasing to you even when I know that I am turning from you and following the wrong path, when I am too weak to say no, too weak to resist temptation, when I fail to recognise an attack on my mind, when I am blind to your escape route, rooted to the spot in fear and confusion, when I fail in my execution of my Christian faith, Father forgive me and make me strong, remind me of what is right and wrong, may I long for your grace and mercy, may I be worthy of your gift of life, may the baby born in a stable make me able to turn things around and keep my feet firmly on the ground, the ground that shook as you bowed your head and gave up your life, a priceless sacrifice demonstrating your love for us, your continued fight against the deceiver so that believers could have life everlasting, your love surpassing my comprehension, love that’s from a holy dimension and so as I’ve mentioned your plan for us started as soon as Adam and Eve departed from the wondrous plan you had for man’s future, proving your love beyond contention showing us that we all can be forgiven because of the risen Lord, your love is eternal and that is assured.


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