This the greatest gift you’ll ever receive don’t leave it in the manger

So Christmas is not a good time for me usually and that’s pretty sad cos now I am a Christian I realise how pivotal Christmas is to my faith and how I should be able to celebrate and enjoy without bad memories.  Interestingly throughout my years in the wilderness when I turned away from God I would always try to go to church on Christmas Day and always ended up crying, maybe subliminally I knew what I was missing but my eyes were not fully opened.  Now I plan to make new Christmas memories, memories and experiences that have God at the centre.

Unto us a Child is born, unto us a son is given

Jesus was God’s gift to me, Jesus, not just for Christmas but for all eternity, you see maybe we celebrate this once a year but the fear for me is that then we forget, we let the hype and excitement, the stress and the tension override the message that is deep inside Christmas, God gave his son for us, the greatest present ever, the greatest gift you’ll ever receive don’t leave it in the manger, don’t be a stranger three hundred and sixty four days of the year,  God did not give his son so that you could have a party, he did not sacrifice his only child so that you could go wild, he gave this gift so that you would be forgiven, no conditions, no strings attached so you see when God dispatched Jesus to be born in that stable he turned the tables on the world, he gave love for hatred, joy for sorrow, peace for discord, and as predicted in his word the baby born that first Christmas became a holy sacrifice, his life laid down for us, his life an offering to protect us from suffering, his gift to us love,  for God so loved the world he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him shall not die but live forever, treasure those words, keep them close to your heart, your God loved you so very much he gave up his own son who he loved so very much too, making you a child of God, a daughter, a son, a sister, a brother, there is no other love that can compare and it says it right there in John 3:16 if you believe in him you will not die, you will gain eternal life, to me that’s a life free of pain and sorrow, where I will look forward to every tomorrow and never reflect on a past of regrets and because of God’s immense and amazing gift, Jesus forgets your sins and welcomes you into his Kingdom, you have your freedom with Jesus, may this Christmas be one where your witness shines as bright as the star in the night, get right with God make him your saviour not just one day as you think of the baby in a manger but for the remainder of your days, he is King of Kings and is mighty to save.



  1. As a new Christian you must grow, first there is the milk of the Word and then the meat. Are you in a good Bible believing church? You need to be discipled. Just pray and God will lead you to the right person. Read good Christian books and of course study the Bible. Don’t get discouraged. That is a tool of the devil that I know all to much about. After salvation the devil’s plan is to have you live a defeated Christian life. . There is joy in the Lord! I will pray for you that you grow in your Christian faith. Merry Christmas!

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